Örnek Metin
Örnek Metin

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Brown Fine Bulgur is produced from red wheat such as golia and bezostaja. It is different in color and taste and also its texture is softer. The color of this bulgur is darker due to the type of wheat used as a raw material. Brown fine bulgur is preferred to be used when preparing kibbeh, due to its elasticity compared to yellow bulgur. Brown bulgur is easier to kneed in a dough, as well as it absorbs less tomato juice.

Nutrition Facts

Origin : Turkey

Type of Meals the Product can be used in

  • Pilafs
  • Salads

Preparation Tips for Product

Don’t wash and soak prior to cooking. when cooking bulgur, please use 2 cup of hot water for each cup of bulgur you want to cook.

Amount%Daily Value
Calories 1959,8%
Fat 1,3 gr.2,0%
Carbonhydrate 35,4 gr.11,8%
Sugar 1,6 gr.1.8%
Fiber 6,5 gr.26,0%
Protein 7,2 gr.14,4%
Salt 0,04 gr.0.7%
**Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 gr. dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults.