Örnek Metin
Örnek Metin

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Due to its appearance which looks like a ram; these chickpeas are called "ram chickpeas" in Turkey. The size of this type of chickpea is over 9 mm when calibrated. This type of chickpea is very suitable for hot dishes and stews. It is grown in Karaman and Konya region of Turkey.

Origin Turkey

Type of Meals the Product can be used in

  • Meat Meals
  • Vegetable Meals
  • Salads
  • Stews

Preparation Tips for Product

Soak for 8 hours prior to cooking

Amount%Daily Value
Calories 20310,3%
Fat 1,9 gr.2,9%
Carbonhydrate 38,3 gr.1,3%
Sugar 2,4 gr.2,7%
Fiber 6,3 gr.25,2%
Protein 11,9 gr.23,8%
Salt 0,03 gr.0,5%
**Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 gr. dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults.