Örnek Metin
Örnek Metin

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White kidney bean is a kind of Turkish bean whose grain color is white and whose grain shape is kidney. This type of bean is mid-sized with a caliber of 8 mm and is grown in Karaman and Konya provinces of Turkey which are famous for the superior flavor of a bean. Another difference of this region’s bean is that they do not release shells when cooked. White kidney bean is the most common type of bean that is consumed in Turkey.

Origin Turkey

Type of Meals the Product can be used in

  • Meat Meals
  • Vegetable Meals
  • Salads

Preparation Tips for Product

Soak for 12 hours prior to cooking

Amount%Daily Value
Calories 1849,3%
Fat 1,1 gr.1,7%
Carbonhydrate 36,8 gr.12,3%
Sugar 2,4 gr.2,6%
Fiber 6,3 gr.2,7%
Protein 11,9 gr.23,8%
Salt 0,01 gr.0,03%
**Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 gr. dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults.