About Us

Duru Bulgur is the one of the leading food companies in Turkey and has its headquarters located in Karaman. Since commencing operations in 1935, Duru Bulgur has continued to supply the same high quality product to its valuable consumer base around the world.

Duru Bulgur has over 380 employees, six distribution warehouses, three bulgur production plants with a daily capacity of 250 tonne, and two pulses processing plants with a daily capacity of 150 tonne. The company has a global distribution network of over 38 distributors and currently exports to all EU countries, the USA, Japan, China, Bosnia, North African, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

Duru Bulgur has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety System certifications.

Duru Products are Halal and Kosher.