Duru Lival Chia Aç-Kat

The most important feature of Chia AÇ-KAT product in 8g packs, is its one portion size. While in office, restaurant or at home Chia AÇ-KAT can be consumed adding to salads, meat or vegetarian dishes, and even to beverages. Chia absorbs 10 – 12 times more water than its weight, therefore swelling and prolonging satiating. Those who pay attention to healthy diet and weight control can eat healthy at any time with Chia AÇ-KAT.

Origin: Peru

Type of Meals The Product can be used in

Salads – Yoghurt – Omelette – Breakfast brittle – Desserts with milk – Meat or vegetarian dishes – Beverages
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Packaging Available for the Product
Packing SizePcs in a boxShelf life
8 g102 years
NutrientsIn 100gIn 100g RA*In 1 Pack (8g)In 1 Pack (8g) RA
Energy (kJ ve kcal)1933 468%23151 57%3
Fat (g)33,3%472,6%4
Satured Fat (g)3,2%160,2%1
Carbonhydrate (g)3,5%190,3%0
Sugar (g)1,3%60,1%0
Fiber (g)32,8%1312,6%10
Protein (g)22,1%271,7%3
Salt (g)0,1%10%0

Preparation Tip for Product

There is no need no soak, crack or cook chia. It can be added uncooked to salads, breakfast brittles, yoghurt, and beverages. If you prefer using chia cracked, it is recommended to crack amount that will be used. Chia can be added to cakes and breads, or sprinkled over them for décor. Chia can be used in jams, pilafs, and other meals.